Graphic CSR code

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Declaration of accent

Companies that have acceded the graphic CSR code

Grakom (Graphic Association) Denmark and HK/Privat have together compiled a CSR code, which is targeted the graphic industry.

The code helps to define a standard and a pratice about social responsibility for production of graphic products and services - both nationally and internationally.

The graphic industry's CSR code is based on UN Global Compact's ten principles, but is made more action oriented for the graphic industry.

See below what the principles cover:
Principle 1-2: Human rights
Principle 3-6: Labour rights
Principle 7-9: Environment
Principle 10: Anti corruption
Control and documentation
Used conventions in the CSR code

Accession of the codeHow to become part of the graphic CSR code

For more information contact Carsten Bøg or Marie Raun Knudsen on tel. +45 63 12 70 00.